Vibram is THE leader in quality footwear outsoles, they make several catalogs of soles. We usually try to match the original soles, but some customization is often possible. It usually comes down to material, pattern, cupped/ non-cupped, heel height (or heel to sole height measurement) among other things. Here's a sampling of some of the soles we commonly use..

Image of Vibram Athetic sole, #127.

Vibram 127

The Vibram 127 is a dense rubber sole, fairly thin but very durable. The material itself is grippy, and the lug pattern gives even more grippping power.

Image of the Vibram sole, the #132, Montagna, for boot repair.

Vibram 132

The 132 is an extremely durable, long wearing sole. On the flipside, there is NO cushioning with them. You can, of course, add cushioning to the inside of your shoes or boots.

Image of the Vibram Kletterlift sole #148, for boot repair.

Vibram 148

This is a prettty common sole on Danner, Redwing, Matterhorn boots and others. It's pretty long wearing, but not as long as the Vibram #132.

Image of the Vibram #430 sole, for boot repair.

Vibram 430

A sole with a smoother profile, but much longer wearing than other soles with the sam approx. 1/4" thickness. We first started putting these on for bikers in the 1990's and heard only positive comments on them. They don't track mud either! There is a matching heel for these soles, with a similiar inlaid look of lugs.

Image of the Vibram Izalco sole,the #1030.

Vibram 1030

Another light lug look, just not a heavy as the Kletterlift #148. Very durable option for resoling SAS and Drew shoes. Nice for winter boots, it doesn't track mud like deeper lug soles.

Image of the Vibram Roccia sole, #1136.

Vibram 1136

Similiar to the 132, the 1136 is a little more light-weight. Also has a slightly lower heel than the 132.

Image of the Vibram Olympia sole, the Vibram #1275.

Vibram 1275

The Olympia is similiar to the Vibram 132, it has a defined heel (not a flat sole, not a wedge). It is a very durable sole and heel. After it has been worn for awhile, the heel will wear over; it can be cut off and replaced. Customers tellus they can wear through 2 or 3 pair of heels without replacing the soles. Saves money!

Image of the Vibram Sierra sole, the #1276.

Vibram 1276

Another lug profile, but a little thicker than the Kletterlift #148. Also, the pattern is a little different from the Kletterlift, it's designed to prevent lateral slippage.

Image of the Vibram Alpha+ sole, the #1318.

Vibram 1318

A smoother profile sole, it is oil resistant. Great replacement for the Redwing Supersole boots.

Image of the Vibram Elvis sole, style #1328.

Vibram 1328

A flat sole, with no heel. Very slip resistant. We resoled an elderly woman's SAS shoes with these soles, she was complaining about slipping on the ice. She called back after we returned them to her, she was ecstatic, loved the new soles.

Image of the Vibram style Bifuda sole, the #1375.

Vibram 1375

A cupped sole, with edges that wrap up around the edges of the upper of a boot. A great replavement sole for most Asolo boots and some Lowas.

Image of the Vibram style Stowe sole, the #1705

Vibram 1705

One of the Vibram Gumlite soles. Gumlite is a lighter weight material, cushioned and VERY comfortable. The 1705 is a lugged sole, for traction and an outdoor and casual look.

Image of the Vibram Oxford sole, the #1716.

Vibram 1716

Another smooth profile, nice sole for lighter weight dress shoes.

Image of the Vibram Stockbridge sole, the Vibram #1752.

Vibram 1752

Another smooth profile, but a little thicker than the 1716. Also has a little higher heel.

Image of the Vibram Sport sole, the Vibram style #2060.

Vibram 2060

Another smooth profile, very cushioned for comfort.

Image of the Vibram Cristy sole, the #4014.

Vibram 4014

Another smoother profile, lightly patterned. the wedge soles make them SUPER comfortable. Comes in Black, off white(natural), and a purer white.


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