?  The Blundstone website states that it is not practical to replace/repair the soles.  Have you had much feedback from customers getting this done?    We have re-soled many Blundstones, no problems.  Many new shoe companies discourage repairing their shoes, why fix an old pair when you could just buy a new pair?     Hmm..     People even say their repaired shoes are more comfortable than before, probably because the re-soling process brings the heels and soles back to an even level, much like new shoes.
How much new life does the new Vibram sole add?   The new soles are not the hard type of Vibram soles that many people are familiar with. They are  liteweight, a little soft & cushioned, but very durable. You'll probably get the same or more wear out of them that you got out of your first soles.
 Does the adhesive ever separate during wet, snowy weather?   We resole many shoes, locally, and over the internet. Here in Western Oregon, we get alot of rain (50+ inches per year), especially during the wet season.  If our adhesives didn't work in wet weather, we wouldn't be in business.
 How do I start this process?    Fill out our shipping form, and include it with your shoes.  The easiest way for most people to ship to us is to go to the Post Office and ask for a large Priority Mail "Tyvek" envelope.  These are usually fine for one pair.  They also have free boxes if you are sending more than that. The Post Office's Priority Mail is very fast and efficient, we use it all the time and typically see a 2-4 day shipping time within the USA.  


?   Do you use original Vibram soles ?  We use original, made in the USA Vibram soles on all our Danner repairs, the same soles you find on new Danner boots.  The most common are the Kletterlift, the Sierra, and the Montagna.

?   Do you carry the Danner "Bob" soles ?  Sorry, those are a Danner proprietary sole.   We can substitute the Vibram Kletterlift or the Vibram Sierra, though.

?   What about the Sierra sole, and do you have the various colors ?  The Vibram Sierra sole is similar to the Kletterlift, just a little bit thicker.  They have a lug pattern, but the lugs are arranged a little different.   We have all three colors that they are made in;  black, mojave, and tan.

?   My Danners are overworn, can you still resole them ?     No problem, we can still take care of them.

?    What about the newer GTX and TFX soles, can you repair those ?     Sorry, we no longer resole those through the mail.   If you live in the Salem, Oregon area feel free to bring them by and let us have a look at them.



?   Can you resole my Docs with original Dr Martin soles ?  Original soles are no longer available in the US.   Vibram makes reasonable substitutes for most, but they will look and feel different.



?   My SAS shoes are overworn, can you still repair them?   We repair SAS shoes in all conditions, I don't remember saying "no" to an SAS that needed new soles.

?   Can you add a lift to my SAS shoes ?  No Problem!  We have a unique way of adding shoelifts to shoes,  where we remove the lower part of the sole, add the lift, and then put the original surface back on.  See our shoelifts page for more information and pictures of shoes we have done this to.




? WHAT KIND OF SHOES CAN YOU PUT SHOE LIFTS ON?     We can put a lift into almost any sole, even molded soles, unit soles, and all one-piece soles.    We are also able to work with Gel and Air pockets.  

? ATHLETIC SHOES?   When choosing shoes keep in mind that our shoe lifts are smooth edged.   Some athletic shoes have "sculpted" edges and we are able to sculpt the lift but the smoother the edging the lift will blend in better.

? GOLF SHOES?   No problem at all, we have done a lot of them and there is no extra charge.

? WORK BOOTS?   No problem.  Danner, Red Wing,  Carolina, Belleville, Blundstone, we have done these and many more.


There are only a few brands/ styles that we cannot do:

  •   Birkenstock footprints  

  •   Shoes with exposed springs

  •   Shoes with exposed air pockets ( it's OK if they are embedded inside the sole )

  •   You can email us a picture of a shoe if you have a question, we are happy to look at them for you.  



? SHIPPING ?   Print out our shipping form.  The easiest way for most people to ship to us is to go to the Post Office and ask for a large Priority Mail "Tyvek" envelope.  These are usually fine for one pair.  They also have free Priority Mail boxes if you are sending more than that. The Post Office's Priority Mail is very fast and efficient, we use it all the time and typically see a 2-4 day shipping time within the USA.

INTERNATIONAL ORDERS ?   Sorry, we no longer offer international shipping.   

LOCAL SHIPPING ? We offer free return shipping on repairs over $60.00,  delivered 30 miles beyond the Salem, Oregon area.


 What kind of payment methods do you accept?    Visa, MC, Paypal, money orders...   Print our shipping form, just fill in the boxes with your credit card information.   Or we can call you for the credit card numbers, if you'd prefer.   We also bill through Paypal, just write your email address on the shipping form and check the Paypal box.  Then we can send you a Paypal invoice for your repair.  


 ANY MORE QUESTIONS?    email us...


"Hi George, You resoled my Blundstones in June and I just wanted to share this with you. I wore the boots during a Habitat for Humanity house-building project in Mongolia. The boots worked awesome, very comfortable and durable in the rigorous environment of the build site, great for hiking and held out water during the numerous rain storms. In this picture, you can see your handiwork on my feet as I sit on the wall of the house we built in Kharkhorum, the ancient capital of Mongolia. Thanks again for the great work. I couldn't be happier with how you rescued my boots!" ... K Graves

"I just wanted to let you know how thrilled I am with your service and the fine repair job you did on my shoes. My husband dropped off a pair of Birk's and of Blundstones last week for resoling, and they were ready today. They look great! They look like new--but the cool thing is that they are so broken in they feel old! I will not hesitate to recommend your shop. BTW, I found you on the internet, when I did a search for Blunstone repair, so I was originally prepared to ship them away. I was pleasantly surprised that you were in Salem, where my husband works." D Clair

"Your repair is absolutely perfect! My Blunnies are back! The soles were in terrible shape, but the shoes now look almost new (which is amazing because the shoes are almost ten years old). Can’t thank you enough." Lee Winter

"Dear Cobblers, My re-soled Blundstones just arrived in today's mail and they're PERFECT. Better than new, in fact! It's awesome to have my broken-in Blunnies back in time for winter -- for half the cost of a new pair, and in about 2 short weeks. I'm thrilled. I'm so glad I found you on the Web. I'll be happy to recommend your services in future. For quality, price and speed, you're the best. Thank you!" With all best wishes, Andrew Peterson

"I just wanted to thank you for a fabulous job of resoling my old Blundstones. The boots I got back from you look like new. In business circles I've often heard that among "quality", "reasonable price", and "speed" you can only get two of the three at the same time. Congratulations on doing all three. The work is excellent, the price incredibly reasonable, and the turn-around time impressive. I'd had my Blunnies for about 8 years when the soles started disintegrating. I'm sure they'd never seen polish or a good clean up either. I could hardly believe that they were my old boots. I put them on and it was like having perfectly broken new boots. You worked magic on them. Thanks again. Susan ...Cabin John, Maryland"

"Thank you for the excellent work you did on my Blundstones! The craftsmanship and speed of service both far exceeded my expectations. I will definitely recommend you to others. Regards, Brad B. Orlando, FL"


Print and complete our shipping form . Take your boots and the shipping form to your nearest US Post Office and ship them to us. We'll take care of the rest!

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