Do you need your one of your shoes built up? Many physicians, chiropractors, and podiatrists recommend their clients to us for this kind of work...

Picture of a shoelift for leg length discrepancy
Picture of a shoe lift for leg length difference
Picture of a modification for leg length discrepancy
Another photo of a shoelift for leg length discrepancy

Another photo of a shoe lift for leg length difference
Photo of a shoelift for leg length discrepancies
Another photo of a shoe lift for leg length discrepancy
Picture of Another photo of a shoelift for leg length discrepancy

Please note that (in most cases- probably 99.9%) we carefully remove the original sole, THEN add the shoe lift, and then put the original sole back on. This way you will have the same sole on both shoes. This is different from how most of my fellow craftsmen do this kind of work...


1/4" FULL SOLE SHOE LIFT....71.00
3/8" FULL SOLE SHOE LIFT....75.00
1/2" FULL SOLE SHOE LIFT....79.00
5/8" FULL SOLE SHOE LIFT....83.00
3/4" FULL SOLE SHOE LIFT... 85.00
7/8 " FULL SOLE SHOE LIFT....87.00
1 1/8 " FULL SOLE SHOE LIFT...96.00
1 1/4" FULL SOLE SHOE LIFT....100.00
1 3/8 " FULL SOLE SHOE LIFT....104.00
1 1/2 " FULL SOLE SHOE LIFT....108.00
1 5/8 " FULL SOLE SHOE LIFT....114.00
1 3/4 " FULL SOLE SHOE LIFT....118.00
2" FULL SOLE SHOE LIFT... 128.00
2 1/4 " FULL SOLE SHOE LIFT....138.00
2 3/8 " FULL SOLE SHOE LIFT....144.00
2 1/2 " FULL SOLE SHOE LIFT....148.00
2 3/4 " FULL SOLE SHOE LIFT....154.00
2 7/8 " FULL SOLE SHOE LIFT....158.00
3" FULL SOLE SHOE LIFT....160.00

5-6mm FULL SOLE SHOE LIFT....71.00
7-10mm FULL SOLE SHOE LIFT....75.00
11-14mm FULL SOLE SHOE LIFT....79.00
15-16mm FULL SOLE SHOE LIFT....83.00
17-19mm FULL SOLE SHOE LIFT....85.00
20-22mm FULL SOLE SHOE LIFT....87.00
23-25mm FULL SOLE SHOE LIFT....92.00
26-33mm FULL SOLE SHOE LIFT....100.00
34-40mm FULL SOLE SHOE LIFT....108.00


Print and complete our shipping form . Take your shoes/ boots and the shipping form to your nearest US Post Office and ship them to us. We'll take care of the rest!

Q: What kind of shoes can you put lifts on?
A:We can put a lift into almost any sole, even molded soles, unit soles, and all one-piece soles. We are also able to work with Gel and Air pockets.
Q: Does the adhesive ever separate during wet, snowy weather?
A: We resole many shoes, locally, and over the internet. Here in western Oregon, we get alot of rain (50+ inches per year), especially during the wet season. If our adhesives didn't work in wet weather, we wouldn't be in business.
Q: Athletic shoes?
A: When choosing shoes keep in mind that our shoe lifts are smooth edged. Some athletic shoes have "sculpted" edges and we are able to sculpt the lift but the smoother the edging the lift will blend in better.
Q: Golf shoes?
No problem at all, we have done a lot of them and there is no extra charge.
No problem. Danner, Red Wing, Carolina, Belleville, Blundstone, we have done these and many more.
Q: Any styles/ brands you don't do?
There are only a few brands/ styles that we cannot do: ...Birkenstock footprints ...Track shoes with cleats or spikes ...Shoes with exposed springs ...Shoes with exposed air pockets ( it's OK if they are embedded inside the sole ) ...You can email us a picture of a shoe if you have a question, we are happy to look at them for you.
Q: Do you ship internationally?
Sorry, we only ship within the USA.
Q: How do I start this process?
Print and complete our shipping form . Take your boots and the shipping form to your nearest US Post Office and ship them to us. We'll take care of the rest! The easiest way for most people to ship to us is to go to the Post Office and ask for a large Priority Mail "Tyvek" envelope. These are usually fine for one pair. They also have free boxes if you are sending more than that. The Post Office's Priority Mail is very fast and efficient, we use it all the time and typically see a 2-4 day shipping time within the USA.

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"How good is High Street Shoe Repair? I live in the 4th largest city in the nation, (Houston TX) but send my boots to High Street. They do outstanding work for my sole and heel build-up. Their product is always the same, perfect! And on top of their professional skills......they are darn nice people!"

Robert Mc (Yelp)


Jeff B. (Facebook)

"This guy knows his stuff. Every time I have used his services, the work has been perfect. Without a doubt, I would feel confident to take any pair for shoes to High Street Shoe and have recommended them to my family and friends. Last time I was there, I had a rubber sole put on two pairs of leather dress shoes. The rubber is holding up extremely well and it made the shoes more practical for wearing in Oregon."

Carson K. (Yelp)

"Thank you so very much for the fantastic job that your did by adding shoe lifts to my shoes. My back pain was so bad I was considering surgery, but no more, thanks to you folks."

Corey B. (Google)

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