People often stop into our shop and ask: what's a good brand of shoes to buy? So many shoemakers. So many styles. We try to narrow it down a little, but when it comes to a casual shoe or sandal, SAS is probably the name we recommend the most. SAS, or San Antonio Shoes, started in 1976 in San Antonio Texas. They have always been a quality shoe, quality with LOTS of cushioned comfort. Most of the comfort comes from the sole itself, a molded polyurethane material contoured with a VERY comfortably designed arch and foot support. We hear from people all the time saying how much they love their SAS shoes.

Image of a mens SAS shoe.

Maybe you didn't know

Years ago, around 2005 or so, management called all the SAS factory employees into the cafeteria. Media had been reporting alot of layoffs and some were worried the company was going to start layoffs. The CEO stood up in front of the crowd and shocked everyone: we wanted to thank you. We know you are the reason we are successful. We couldn't do it without you. For every year you've worked for us we are going to give you a thousand dollar bonus. I saw one couple interviewed after this, they had been there 30 years between them. They were crying .

Image of an SAS shoe that has a more athletic look.

The last few years SAS has been adding more contemporary designs to their catalog. Here's a tip: most shoe companies, SAS included, make many more styles than any one store carries. If you are a fan of a cerain manufacturer's shoes, look online for their website to see if there are more styles you might be interested in.

Image of a mens SAS shoe.

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