How worn can the soles be for the resoling process to still be successful?
A: We have re-soled many SAS shoes, it is only rarely that we cannot do them. People even say their repaired shoes are more comfortable than before, probably because the re-soling process brings the heels and soles back to an even level, much like new shoes.
Q: How much new life does the new Vibram sole add?
A: The new soles are not the hard type of Vibram soles that many people are familiar with. They are liteweight, a little soft and cushioned, but very durable. You'll probably get the same or more wear out of them that you got out of your first soles.
Q: Does the adhesive ever separate during wet, snowy weather?
A: We resole many shoes, locally, and over the internet. Here in western Oregon, we get alot of rain (50+ inches per year), especially during the wet season. If our adhesives didn't work in wet weather, we wouldn't be in business.
Q: What kind of soles can you put on my SAS shoes?
A: Most people prefer one of three options: the Vibram 1030, the Vibram 1328, or the Soletech sole. They are pictured at the top of this page. Vibram 1030 --- A lighter lug sole, excellent traction, a long wearing sole. Vibram 1328 --- Lighter, with a finer pattern than the 1030. We have put this sole on for people who live in cold and icy climates and they love it. Soletech --- Not Vibram, but a great sole. A smooth profile, non-lug style sole. Thin and lightweight, but very durable.
Q: Do you ship internationally?
A: Sorry, we only ship within the USA.
Q: How do I start this process?
A: Print and complete our shipping form . Take your shoes and the shipping form to your nearest US Post Office and ship them to us. We'll take care of the rest! The easiest way for most people to ship to us is to go to the Post Office and ask for a large Priority Mail "Tyvek" envelope. These are usually fine for one pair. They also have free boxes if you are sending more than that. The Post Office's Priority Mail is very fast and efficient, we use it all the time and typically see a 2-4 day shipping time within the USA.


I got back my SAS ‘Bout time shoes and am amazed with the quality workmanship and quality soles you put on them. I am sending you a pair of SAS Time Outs for soles and am excited to get them back. The soles you put on the ‘Bout Times give me better traction then the original soles and with the snow and ice we are presently enduring I am thankful for the better traction. Many thanks." Mark Murphy

"The SAS shoes that you resoled arrived Saturday and thank you for the job that you did on them. I am very pleased, and your card is put away so that I can send my other SAS shoes your way when they need attention." Hal Canfield

"Just wanted to say thank you for all that you did to give my sandals their second wind. You saved them from the dump."

"I was more than surprised to see the excellent craftsmanship and work! Outstanding. They feel awesome. Thanks once again." Ted P.

"I'm so pleased with the work you did on my shoes. Thanks so much for your attention to detail." ...Valerie H.

"The shoes arrived yesterday and what a difference. They look like new shoes..... could be that they are (almost)? Thank you so much for all the help and information in order for me to make the right choice in the repair. They look beautiful! Until next time - expect another pair as soon as I find was a pair I put away before I found you (and the great repairs you do) and now cannot find them :-)." Connie

"Dear Friends: I am so glad that I found your shop online! What a blessing!! My two pairs of SAS shoes arrived back today with new soles. They are just like new!! I am so pleased that you all still have craftsmanship with pride, experience with a focus on quality, and investment in the lives of your customers with joy in what you do.. Thank you for being a blessing!" Sincerely, Dr. Jay Dargan


Print and complete our shipping form . Take your boots and the shipping form to your nearest US Post Office and ship them to us. We'll take care of the rest!


Cost includes resoling and return shipping

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