Q: Some websites say that it's not practical to replace/repair their soles. Have you had much feedback from customers getting this done?
A: We have re-soled thousands of shoes and boots, problems are rare. Many new shoe companies discourage repairing their shoes, why fix the old ones when you could just buy a new pair? Hmm.. People often say their repaired shoes are more comfortable than before, probably because the re-soling process brings the heels and soles back to an even level, much like new shoes.
Q: How much new life does the new Vibram sole add?
A: We resole Asolo, Lowa and most hiking boots with the hard type of Vibram soles that many people are familiar with. They are light weight but very durable. You'll probably get more wear out of them that you got out of the original soles.
Q: Does the adhesive ever separate during wet, snowy weather?
A: We resole many shoes, locally, and over the internet. Here in western Oregon, we get alot of rain (50+ inches per year), especially during the wet season. If our adhesives didn't work in wet weather, we wouldn't be in business.
Q: Do you ship internationally? To Canada?
Sorry, we only ship within the USA.
Q: How long does the process take?
About 10-14 days, in the shop. If you are shhipping, add a few days onto that for getting to, and from, our shop.
Q: How do I start this process?
Print and complete our shipping form . Take your boots and the shipping form to your nearest US Post Office and ship them to us. We'll take care of the rest! They also have free boxes there if you are shipping one or two pair. The Post Office's Priority Mail is very fast and efficient, we use it all the time and typically see a 2-4 day shipping time within the USA.


"I couldn't be happier. I live in McMinnville, where repair service is only offered at a store dedicated to selling you expensive new shoes, not fixing up your old ones at a reasonable rate. No services are offered anywhere else in the county. High Street promised and delivered a one-week turnaround at less than half what I was quoted in McMinnville. The quality of the material and workmanship was superb, and the cobbler was a delight to deal with. It was well worth the drive! Steve B. McMinville, Oregon

"How good is High Street Shoe Repair? I live in the 4th largest city in the nation, (Houston TX) but send my boots to High Street. They do outstanding work for my sole and heel build-up. Their product is always the same, perfect! And on top of their professional skills......they are darn nice people!" Robert M. Sugarland, Texas

"George has resoled 3 pairs of Redwings for me and is a true craftsman that deserves anyone's business who cares about supporting local, and quality for a fair price. He is responsive to email and always follows through on his timelines. I couldn't recommend High Street more and feel so fortunate to have a guy like this is town. Cheers! Support Local Craftspeople" Ryan M. Portland, Oregon

"Dear Cobblers, My re-soled Blundstones just arrived in today's mail and they're PERFECT. Better than new, in fact! It's awesome to have my broken-in Blunnies back in time for winter -- for half the cost of a new pair, and in about 2 short weeks. I'm thrilled. I'm so glad I found you on the Web. I'll be happy to recommend your services in future. For quality, price and speed, you're the best. Thank you!" With all best wishes, Andrew Peterson

"I just wanted to thank you for a fabulous job of resoling my old Blundstones. The boots I got back from you look like new. In business circles I've often heard that among "quality", "reasonable price", and "speed" you can only get two of the three at the same time. Congratulations on doing all three. The work is excellent, the price incredibly reasonable, and the turn-around time impressive. I'd had my Blunnies for about 8 years when the soles started disintegrating. I'm sure they'd never seen polish or a good clean up either. I could hardly believe that they were my old boots. I put them on and it was like having perfectly broken new boots. You worked magic on them. Thanks again. " Susan, Cabin John, Maryland

"Just got my Aslo boots back in the mail today and they're like new again!!! The price for resoling and restoring these boots is fantastic. So much less that getting a new pair. The leather on them were still good so it was sad to think I would have to get rid of them. I'll definitely be coming back if any of my boots need this done. The communication is great - they let you know when your boots are received and are shipping back to you. Dealing with them has been a delight and highly recommend!!!" Regards, Brad B. Orlando, FL


Print and complete our shipping form . Take your boots and the shipping form to your nearest US Post Office and ship them to us. We'll take care of the rest!


Cost includes resoling and return shipping

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