We know boots... and have been resoling/ repairing them since the late 1970's. George (our shop cobbler), has rebuilt thousands pairs of shoes and boots in his 40 years in the business. He knows what works and what doesn't...
We use the finest Vibram soles available to recraft your Blundstones, restoring them to better than factory new condition. We do quite a few of these for our local customers, their repeat business and feedback is testament to our success working with and repairing Blundstone boots.


All these soles are made of Vibram Gumlite, a soft and cushioned material similar in density to the original Blundstone soles.

Blundstone boots resoled with Vibram lug soles- style #1705

Vibram 1705

Most popular! VIBRAM 1705 made of Gumlite, a soft and cushioned material similar in density to original Blundstone soles. The 1705 has a lug pattern that offers more traction than the 1716. The deep lugs give excellent grippping power.

Blundstone boots resoled with Vibram smooth soles- Vibram style #1716

Vibram 1716

Low profile, more of a dress look. Also made of Gumlite, this sole offers a smoother profile, preferable for a dress look. We've also had people say they prefer it for riding with stirrups.

Blundstone boots resoled with a thicker Vibram smooth sole- Vibram style #1752

Vibram 1752

Another smooth profile, but a little thicker than the 1716. Also has a little higher heel.

Q: Can you resole the Blundstone stitchdown boots?
blundstones stitchdown picture
Sorry, we are not able to resole the new Blundstone stitchdown styles.


Print and complete our shipping form . Take your boots and the shipping form to your nearest US Post Office and ship them to us. We'll take care of the rest!


Cost includes resoling and return shipping
Please allow about a week for our boot rebuilding process.

Q: Someone said it isn't possible to repair Blundstone soles. Have you had much feedback from customers getting this done?
A:Blundstones are a great boot to resole. We have resoled thousands of them. Because of the way the factory soles are applied it is not viable to replace them with original soles. We can, however, rebuild them with Vibram soles. All the rubber must be removed, and the soles need to be completely rebuilt. More FAQ...

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